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If your home has a flat roof with no attic crawl space and no ceiling tiles, the drywall or plaster ceiling must be removed.This means an additional cost to have a hole cut to install the vent and to have the drywall, or other ceiling material, reinstalled.

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If mold spreads to drywall or joists, you could face an eye-popping repair bill.

Are you making frequent repairs or enduring hot and cold spells in certain rooms? Take a proactive approach and have its performance evaluated by a professional.

Replacing an old, inefficient system with an Energy Star-rated model can save you about 0 per year on your utility bill, plus make your house far more comfortable.

One of the first things a professional installer will do is create a plan that will accommodate the addition of ducts and vents for the entire home including the costs of materials and labor.

Whether the entire home is being networked with new ducts or old ducts are being replaced, the size of the home will determine how long the project will take.

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