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This is the case with Interlude Man, the current formulation uses half of the ingredients that the original formulation used and is subsequently much weaker.The perfume does smell nice, it smells a lot like burnt candy which i found quite pleasing and couldn't get enough of, but the scent remained linear throughout which was a disappointment at this price point.

Interlude Man was launched in [email protected] I didn't realise that they were now selling fake bottles of Interlude Man over at Notino! Don't be fooled into spending £150 on this based on the previous promises of a nuclear performance.

Longetivity was about 7-9 hours for me, sillage was weak and it became a skin scent after 2-3 hours while projection was non-existent after 2 hours.

Fragrance: 8/10 Longetivity: 7/10 Sillage: 5/10 Projection: 5/10 Verdict: Personally, i felt very disappointed by this fragrance as the previous reviewers fooled me into promises of a 'nuclear performance', unfortunately it didn't last longer than 9 hours with three spritz and the sillage/projection was pitiful for a £150 EDP. Avoid and look for cheaper options with better performance.

Its a love or hate and most people will go for the love.

I will never be without this beast of a fragrance as I have a full vintage bottle & a nearly full reformulated bottle. Its a complex mix of Smokey oudy leathery aroma with spices it blends in to explode around you.

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