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Cherokee County School District in Georgia decided to migrate its existing security over to a hybrid IP solution with victor unified management system from American Dynamics at the center of the operation.The Cherokee County School District (CCSD) has grown tremendously over the past 10 years, adding six elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools to its roster.Ultimately, the district decided to install new IP cameras and equipment in its high schools and middle schools, while transitioning analog cameras from those facilities over to the district's elementary schools.

Real-time auto focus, 20X optical zoom, wide dynamic range and PTZ capability that moves at 512-degrees per second, have not gone unnoticed with the school district staff either.

Petruzielo put together an ad hoc safety and security committee made up of district employees, public safety staff and community members to re-evaluate the district's security needs and note any room for improvement.

For CCSD, positioning cameras in areas where students convene such as cafeterias, playgrounds, gymnasiums, and other outdoor areas, is a top priority.

"The victor client is backwards compatible, allowing them to migrate from their Intellex system and really capitalize on the capabilities of a digital platform," explained Gary L.

Royal, senior commercial account executive at Tyco Integrated Security.

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