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These games aren’t just grounded in disgust with homosex; they are playing out exactly what society has taught men about heterosexuality: One wrong move, and you’ll be permanently marked.

Homophobia, then, is precisely a fear, and one that these men are not at all foolish for entertaining.

That narrative does not allow much freedom to explore even fleeting same-sex attractions without a permanent commitment.

I knew a guy who, straight in high school, hooked up with dudes for the first semester of college.

On one of the most embarrassing nights in English football’s history, one of its most unsuccessful national team managers had a part to play – and many are already describing it as ‘the television moment of the year’. Mc Claren's reaction has, predictably, been lapped up by social media users, with many revelling in his misplaced confidence that England would dominate their opponents.

Women have a certain amount of freedom to play with their sexuality (mostly because society has a hard time believing in lesbian sex at all).He was then in a monogamous relationship with a woman for the rest of college; in the weeks before graduation, I would still hear people express confusion about the existence of their relationship.The zero-tolerance policy is legitimately scary, then, not just because it sticks you with a label, but also because it erases a lifetime of straightness.In college they played chicken, where two guys each slide their hand up the other one’s inner thigh.Whoever gets freaked out first loses—or wins, really.

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