Sridevi dating history

There is a shrine for sage Agasthya and one for his disciple Shivalaya Muni opposite.

The statue of Shivalaya Muni is placed under the feet of Sage Agasthya as a mark of respect to his Guru.

Nava Sakthi Puja is performed on full-moon night here as the peeta is said to represent the collective grace and power of nine Ambikas.

The main nivedhanas are milk and Vada the popular dish of Tamilnadu.

Manakola Nathar Shiv Shrine – Lord Shiva in His wedding posture – is in the prakara.

Lord Vishnu with Mother Mahalakshmi offering His sister Ambika to Lord Shiva in wedding, Lord Brahmma as priest conducting the wedding rituals, Sages Agasthya and Brungi are also in this shrine.

The tree yields fruits throughout the year but no one picks them.

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There is a shrine for Perumal in the temple praised Nannagara Perumal blessing devotees with boons of their needs. Special pujas are performed here on Rohini Star days and Purattasi Saturdays in September-October. A small shrine is constructed around the jack tree, the sacred tree of the temple with Adhi Kurumbala Easar in the form of a Peeta.

This abishek Thaila-oil is offered as Prasad to devotees.

Also the nivedhana offered to Lord during the Arthajama puja is a medicinal preparation made of a nut called Kadukkai in Tamil along with dry ginger, pepper etc.

Kuttrala Kuravanji, an ancient Tamil literature portraying the life of the Kurava community devoted to Lord Shiva, describes that all the fruits are but Shivalingas.

During important festival days, this fruit is offered to Lord Shiva as nivedhana.

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