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Call for Info 630-678-9010 first and let us know what you would like to do so we can begin processing your order, this will speed up delivery for you.Then Mail your check along with a note with your phone number, equipment you are ordering and your shipping address to the address below.

If using a rotary screw compressor for an automotive repair facility, 1 horsepower per bay would be the rule of thumb.

Compression causes heat, so as the air cools the moisture in the air forms condensation and collects in low points in the compressed air systems, such as the air receiver, airlines and/or airline drops.

Some or most of the moisture can be removed with the use of after-coolers, dryers and/or filters.

Sie wird vertreten durch den Landesbischof Heinrich Bedford-Strohm.

All our cast iron components come from foundries based in the United States.

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