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In this one you are a joyous cat bounding through a field with pastel-coloured bubbles floating overhead. It is as blissful as it is relaxing, five minutes of playtime is like therapy.ferryhalim.com9.Flow Hypnotically immersive, this simple, yet multi-award winning game is the result of one student's academic game design thesis. Rebuild 2Put down that baseball bat, this is not your usual zombie massacre arcade game.The artful indie horror game involves wandering around a forest collecting pages armed only with a flashlight, while avoiding the "Slender Man" who is perpetually chasing you through the fog.parsceproductions.net4.

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Numpty Physics If only learning science at school could have been this fun.Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso Based on the online comic Mr Smoozles, this was the first indie game released by the award- winning writer and developer Steve Ince.It was originally a paid-for game, but Ince decided to release it for free in This is one of those games that are just so eerily quiet you'd jump if someone came into the room while you were playing it.You defend your castle against attacking siege weapons with 4 flaming catapults of death! Make sure they don't get to your castle or you will lose firepower until your dead.Francis in Classic rock: "We were influenced by white musicians who were playing black music, but we were never cool enough to namedrop obscure blues players the way that Steve Marriott or Peter Green did.

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