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The word pierogi appears for the first time in Polish literature in the second half of the 17th century - the time when some of the first Polish cookbooks were published.

In this distant past pierogi were exclusively prepared on during the holiday season.

A large number of filling types makes this Polish food a snack, spicy first course or even a dessert.

Originally, in Poland the most traditional filling are: forcemeat, sauerkraut and mushrooms.

Some of these pierogi types are traditionally Polish dumplings, but let me be honest – The number of fillings is countless and limited by your imagination alone.

They say that the Chinese invented a lot of great things. But the homeland of pierogi is certainly one of the most beautiful countries of the European Union – Poland, situated in the geographical center of the continent.

Also some important events like a wedding were accompanied by their special kind of big pierogi.

Of course there are also some peculiar kinds of a traditional Polish pierogi which have a regional character.

Here is a list of traditional and modern Polish food prepared by Tasting Poland worth to read if you want to get to know some other tastes of the Polish cuisine.

Pierogi are made of a thinly rolled dough with various fillings.

For example in Eastern Poland pierogi with lentil filling are well-known.

Locally, in the region of Lublin pierogi are filled with cheese, potatoes and dried mint, which grants to it a slight tang.

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