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It's not enough that people support him and pay for his site. She seems to be with Ray Boss, although I'm not sure if they were ever actually fully broken up, though.

I assumed based on her comments that they were on a break or were having some difficulties in their relationship. If she really broke up with Ray Boss there is hope she can get back to hardcore.

Pierre is a good friend of Greg Lansky so, there is a good chance that you will see her in Blacked.

Cuckold/ interracial porn is a fetish originated from the white guilt.

Looks like she is no longer active though her last post on her instagram page was 68 weeks ago. You could make a kickstarter to get money and buy a camera, a websites domain. I think its better solution than making comments, complaining for years to ask changes or waiting many years that actuals porn company or porn models give you interessting porn videos, or realease archive's really diabolic and insane to put together 2 super women like this !!

Her last tweet on her twitter page was from September 6, 2015 and her last cam show on Chaturbate was 1 year and 9 month ago. You could contact or hire girls via model agency or via their twitter or escort website, and paid them with money from kickstarter. one of each them is more than enough..the director want to really shock people, he done a perfect job!! What beauty have to do with having a girlfriend, PW his pretty ugly and he fuck a lot of girls.

Yes she has recently announced through a Riga/Latvia magazine she's withdrawn from activity in the "adult model/actress" industry, though still posting on her twitter site and Instagram.

Seems she will do hardcore with Woodman's group but has second thoughts about doing it with others. It is her job and she will do it, for the reason all people do jobs: money, cold hard cash. PW said in his forum and in Adult DVDTalk he already filmed Viola FIRST D. It will be more efficient for debating or reflexion.

The thing is woodman work is very bad when compared to Lansky for example and it just discourages from watching. If it's about money she's with the wrong person. She is a professional that makes money selling sex. You seems to live in a carven or "Under the Dome" and know nothing about other countries.

He got lucky with Viola's casting/mini-blowbang. This will have disasterous consequences for her, her boyfriend an her immediate family and her future.

In regular interviews with by Violeta with Delfi a Latvian magazine, the latest of which was early May, she made it quite clear she's quitted.

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