Grundfos pump selection online dating

We find the optimum solution for every application, through consultation and meeting with you.

Find out more about the systematic selection with KSB or go directly to one of our helpful selection tools.

Based on the load profile and the geodetic head we determine how many pumps should be used and in what operating mode.

For a variable load profile, adjusting the head to demand by means of speed control can save 60 % of the energy consumed in mains operation.

The marking is used for submersible motors that achieve efficiency levels similar to those of standardised motors to the IEC 60034-30 standard.

Within the EU, IE2 asynchronous motors with a nominal power exceeding 7.5 k W must be controlled by a frequency inverter.

KSB’s circulator has an integrated variable speed system, so it automatically adjusts the output to the demand.

In Eco Mode the operating mode can be adjusted to the load profile even further, which results in top savings.

As standard, KSB supplies robust, efficient IE3 motors which are suitable for DOL starting and meet the legal requirements.

Outside the EU, an IE 2 motor without frequency inverter can be the most economical solution for a limited period of use.

A permanent magnet synchronous motor is the ideal drive technology for glandless pumps with a large clearance between rotor and stator.

For a proper pump selection, the drive and automation products also play a major role.

Our motor concept offers the optimum drive for every system.

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