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Within days of moving in, Flora complained about the stultifying temperatures coming from the central heating boiler and her doting son arranged for a swift replacement.

Days later, Flora died from asphyxiation caused by the new, poorly-installed, boiler.

Might the company - and its output - be a true reflection of our disparate society and the obvious disintegration of the traditional nuclear family? Might Disney have played its own part in the demise of family values given that we - and our children - have fallen for this wholesome entertainment for decades?

Have we subconsciously imbibed this airbrushing out of parental figures from its films?

I wonder, is this distinct lack of parental care in Disney productions used for dramatic effect?

Is it there to give the main protagonist an opportunity to face their personal challenges without the guidance of a parent - or is there more to this?

Bambi, abandoned by his father before birth, experiences the hunting and subsequent shooting of his mummy.

And there's Tod in The Fox And The Hound and Arthur in The Sword In The Stone, who are left to pursue their destinies without parents.Not to worry, though, in the total absence of his father, Andy's key male influence is a wooden cowboy.And it's not just Disney's cartoon output that is subject to this parental peculiarity; its non-animation TV shows and movies are, too.So it was, this rain-soaked day, we laughed and cried our way through a hat trick of Disney favourites: the heart-rendingly beautiful Bambi, the gloriously regal Lion King and the eternally charming Finding Nemo.But later, I realised something else that binds Disney films, other than good old nostalgic charm: an absence of parents.

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