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    One of the officers on the raid said: 'The primary function of this event today was to safeguard people, to safeguard the vulnerable.'All the people that we've come across that we have safeguarded are vulnerable people.'They're foreign nationals who do not speak any English or speak very little English.'We have come across some English people here that are not normally connected to these sites.'They're very vulnerable, however they're saying to us that they're quite happy to be there which I find it very difficult with the conditions they're living in.' The officer continued: 'These are people who are basically more or less living out in the open.'Predominantly the victims are being used to work long hours with very little pay.' Pre-dawn raids were carried out at Justin Park, near Greenfields in Braybrooke, and at Lower Ecton Lane in Northampton.

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    The runner up was Go Compare – also with Admiral – at £355, while in third place was an Endsleigh policy on at £391.