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New this time: - i Phone X Support Tout est bon sauf le chat!

Pas de notifications quand on a un message (on pourrait avoir un chiffre sur le badge nous indiquant combien de messages on a): il faut toujours convaincre l’autre de passer à un autre mode de communication comme Messenger.

In it, he quotes interviews where a former Apple executive, Tony Fadell, suggests that another exec, Phil Schiller, had an idee fixe for a QWERTY, insisting that leaving one out was a big mistake.

Now, you can see why this was possible – the Black Berry was a huge success before the i Phone launched in 2007 and for some years after, and the keyboard was one of the most loved elements in its devices.

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Pas si facile à faire, et le temps que ça se fasses, les conversations décousues font que bien souvent l’autre perd l’intérêt. Most of those you get “matched” with, are individuals who aren’t even paying for this site.

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Apple saw that couldn’t work and I suspect would have had the same feeling about a keyboard.

Both of these require an "Alt Gr " to find them (hidden a step beneath the ones that just need a shift).

This is a relatively easy fix too - just do away with the ridiculous keys like ù - a letter used by the French just 0.058 percent of the time, and a letter that gets its own key!

Since then, bigger screens have made touchscreen typing easier, predictive spelling has been augmented with word predictions, for instance.

And now, if I’m somewhere private, I’ll dictate my texts and emails.

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