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Melvin works for the Environment Agency and is in charge of providing and maintaining flood defences in Bristol.The citys rivers drain an area of some 200 sq km, and growing urbanisation places ever increasing demands on them for adequate drainage, and on the Agency for flood prevention.Visits to Dents Glove Factory Museum, where members saw many historic examples of Dents gloves and heard how they still make traditional high quality leather gloves in their award-winning modern factory, and to the Museum at Warminster Library for a virtual tour of the town.After lunch they visited the Robey Trust site at New Perseverance Ironworks, Tavistock.

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The danger of grounding that the extreme tidal range posed to shipping caused a decline in Bristols importance as a port.Over the centuries Bristolians have altered the Fromes course, blocked it, channeled it, used it as a defence, a harbour, a sewer, and finally buried most of the urban section in culverts.The Bristol Frome Culverts have been laser scanned, and Melvin showed an impressive fly-through revealing in every detail the twists and turns, weirs, junctions and mud banks in this hidden world under Bristols streets.The sea journey around the south-west peninsula has always been hazardous for shipping, so it was no surprise that the advent of the canal age saw grandiose schemes to link the Bristol and English Channels.Colin Vosper provided a comprehensive overview of the many such proposals, including some lesser known projects.

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