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By the way, the full Lenin's saying about the cinema sounded like this: "While the people are illiterate, the most important forms of art for us are cinema and circus".In 1923 after the nationalization and the overhaul, Khanzhonkov film studio became the first factory of Goskino.To this piece of land, I moved my studio from Krylatskoye so that I could work all year round now.The works began in the spring, were carried out at a heightened pace, and in June 1912 everything was ready", recalled Khanzhonkov the beginning of his work.But it was becoming more and more difficult to make films.

I bought a piece of land on Zhitnaya street, with old houses that could only be considered as a building material.It was his studio on Zhitnaya street, which eventually became the basis of Mosfilm.After the Revolution, the Soviet government quickly understood how valuable the cinema was as a powerful propaganda tool, and in 1919 by a special decree it nationalized all the existing film studios.Film production in Russia Film production in Russia appeared almost immediately after the cinematograph had been invented (the first films of Lumiere brothers came out in Paris in 1895, and in Russia cinematograph was introduced in 1896; that was also the year when the first Russian film was made).Emperor Nicholas II really liked cinematograph, as the cinema was named back then, and thanks to his patronage this new development was rapidly spread in Russia.

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