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Do you need to cover your ears when a loud siren passes by? I can smell cigarette smoke from 50-feet away when I’m outside and the wind is blowing in the opposite direction.

When I walk into a restaurant that has just cleaned up with chlorine bleach, I often have to turn around a leave because the smell is overpowering.

This innate sensitivity has been well researched and the term Highly Sensitive Person was coined in 1996 by Elaine N. This is a specific trait with key consequences that in the past has often been confused with innate shyness, inhibitedness, innate fearfulness, introversion, and so on.

The existence of the trait of innate sensitivity was demonstrated using a test that was shown to have both internal and external validity.

Does the whirring fan in your computer distract you? I have a weird olfactory sense: When it comes to nice, natural smells such as roses and lilacs, I have to put my nose right into the flower in order to smell it.

Is it difficult for you to sleep in the same room as a refrigerator? But when it comes to not-so-nice smells I am highly attuned.

Sometimes I enjoy going into San Francisco, and other times I just can’t wait to get out.

If they were not looking over my shoulder I would usually go in and quickly increase the refresh rate which took away the flicker and provided me with some relief. Do you get “overwhelmed” by joy when you experience great beauty: A beautiful sunset, an incredible musical performance, the smile of your child?So if you have ever wondered if you are highly sensitive, here is a list of signs that could indicate that you are a Highly Sensitive Person.(I’ve added some personal notes to a few of the items on the list). Can you hear things others cannot, especially high-pitched sounds? Does the high-pitched hum of a partially dimmed light fixture get under your skin when no one else seems to notice?It’s as if I’m passing through an invisible energy boundary as I cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Do you have “emotional radar” that picks up on what others are feeling?Do you know what people are feeling before they tell you?

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