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Attempts to overclock it usually cause it to break, as demonstrated by the horrific effects of amphetamine addiction.Chemicals are not targeted enough to produce big gains in human cognitive performance.The human brain is an extremely fine-tuned and calibrated machine.Most perturbations to this tuning qualify as what we would consider "crazy." There are many different types of insanity, far more than there are types of sanity.

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He’s given this subject considerable thought — and warns that we need to be just as wary of IA as we are AI.Nanoscale self-assembly is not atomically precise, but it's precise by the standards of bulk manufacturing and photolithography.One of the most salient side effects would be insanity.With much of our attention focused the rise of advanced artificial intelligence, few consider the potential for radically amplified human intelligence (IA).It’s an open question as to which will come first, but a technologically boosted brain could be just as powerful — and just as dangerous – as AI.

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