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Genealogists will, we suppose, continue to differ with regard to the descent of William de Warrenne, first Earl of Warren and Surrey; but whether we look upon him as sprung from Walter de St.Martin (which is our opinion), from Hugh, Bishop of Coutances, or Nicholas de Basqueville, who are all said to have married nieces of Gunnora, William de Warrenne stands out in history as the potent young Norman noble who accompanied William the Conqueror to England, and having distinguished himself at the battle of Hastings, obtained an immense portion of the public spoliation.

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Lewes lies 50 miles south of London and it was from this stronghold Earl Warren possessed the Manors of Charleture and Bennington in Lincolnshire, lands in Shropshire, Essex, Suffolk, Oxford, Hants, Cambridgeshire, Bucks, Huntingdon, Beds, Norfolk, and Yorks.He died May 11, 1138, and was buried with his parents in Lewes Priory, his Countess having died before him February 13, 1131.His eldest son William, whose brothers were Reginald de Warren and Ralph de William de Warenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey (d.Sir Hugh, the Abbot of Cluni, was absent at the time of their visit; but, in due course, when the Charter for the Lewes Priory was given by Earl William and Gundreda his wife, and confirmed by the king, Sir Lanzo and three other monks were sent to England.Meantime the priory had been systematically demolished by Thomas Cromwell in 1537; but in 1845, while cutting the Lewes and Brighkton railway through the site of the priory, the two interesting coffers were dug up bearing the inscription in raised letters, on the one "Willme" and on the other "Gondrada", in which were found the bones of the earl and his countess.

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